Issue Title
Vol 8, No 16 (2012): july/dec. the body as potency and experience in early childhood: possible dialogues between philosophy and education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
márcia buss-simão
Vol 10, No 19 (2014): jan./june children and questions of meaning through adults' representation. on the image of philosopher child Abstract  PDF (Italiano)
anastasia de vita
Vol 9, No 17 (2013): jan./june childhood's waters: child and memory in poetry of jáder de carvalho Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
sarah diva silva ipiranga
v. 15 | 2019 matthew lipman, the commitment of a lifetime: teaching how to think, mimesis, milano – udine 2018 Abstract  PDF (Italiano)
cristina rebuffo
Vol 14, No 29 (2018): jan./apr. pedagogical mediation and imagination in early childhood education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
adriana regina isler pereira leite, maria silvia pinto de moura librandi da rocha
Vol 17 (2021) review of gareth matthews, the child’s philosopher, maughn rollins gregory & megan jane laverty, eds. london & new york: routledge, 2022 Abstract  PDF
david k kennedy
Vol 19 (2023) voting on the questions as a pedagogical practice in a community of philosophical enquiry Abstract  PDF
rose-anne reynolds
Vol 16 (2020) childhood, impulse and creative becoming. nietzschean approaches Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
juan pablo alvarez coronado
Vol 9, No 17 (2013): jan./june the effects of times and spaces in new scholar subjectivities Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
arianne hecker
Vol 17 (2021) from chrónos to aión - where do the times of childhood live? Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
janice débora de alencar batista araújo, rebeka rodrigues alves da costa, ana maria monte coelho frota
Vol 16 (2020) from protection to instruction: practical-discursive mobilizations around childhood in debates about gender and sexuality in education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
amana rocha mattos, rafael cavalheiro
Vol 8, No 15 (2012): jan./june fragments of a discourse on childhood Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
julio groppa aquino
v. 15 | 2019 why piaget does not philosophize? critical discussion of gareth b. mathews with the piagetan concept of cognitive development Abstract  PDF
paweł walczak
Vol 6, No 12 (2010): july/dec. the child’s imagination as a work-in-process Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
marina marcondes machado
Vol 18 (2022) book review: kohan, w.o. and weber, b. (eds.) (2020). thinking, childhood, and time. contemporary perspectives on the politics of education. lexington books. Abstract  PDF
claire cassidy
Vol 12, No 23 (2016): jan./apr. no longer, but still: experience, archive, childhood Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
julio groppa aquino
v. 15 | 2019 to be listening: music and teaching in early childhood education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
sandra regina richter, dulcimarta lemos lino
Vol 17 (2021) some ethical implications of practicing philosophy with children and adults Abstract  PDF
david kennedy, walter omar kohan
Vol 14, No 30 (2018): may/aug. childhood, image and teacher education: between experiences, knowledge and powers in early childhood education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
césar donizetti leite, andréia regina de oliveira camargo
Vol 10, No 19 (2014): jan./june school and the future of schole: a preliminary dialogue Abstract  PDF
walter omar kohan, david knowles kennedy
Vol 10, No 20 (2014): july/dec. authoring and facilitating affect. the philosophical novel as a liberating form of affective labour Abstract  PDF
natalie fletcher
Vol 18 (2022) Review of: Agratti, Laura (2021). Devenir pregunta: filosofia e infancias entre la escuela y la universidad. Rio de Janeiro: NEFI Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
ángela tettamanti
v. 15 | 2019 immunized infancy: an interpretation of the pied piper of hamelin Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
gonzalo santiago rodriguez
Vol 19 (2023) philosophy of childhood and children's political participation: poli(s)phonic challenges Abstract  PDF
susana brissos matos, paula alexandra vieira
Vol 14, No 30 (2018): may/aug. putting philosophy to the service of schools to give children’s voices real value Abstract  PDF
sonia parís albert
Vol 18 (2022) manifest in movement: on foot, by motorcycle, the children in the republic square in são paulo Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
marcia aparecida gobbi
Vol 19 (2023) what are we missing? voice and listening as an event Abstract  PDF
magda costa carvalho, tiago almeida, josé maria taramona
Vol 13, No 27 (2017): may/aug. philosophy for children goes to college: transformative changes in philosophical thinking when college students practice philosophizing with young children. Abstract  PDF
stephanie a burdick-shepherd, cristina cammarano
v. 15 | 2019 childhood in abbas kiarostami’s cinema Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
darian soheil rahnamaye rabbani, julio groppa aquino
Vol 18 (2022) pedagogical immediacy, listening, and silent meaning: essayistic exercises in philosophy and literature for early childhood educators Abstract  Untitled
viktor magne johansson
Vol 10, No 19 (2014): jan./june between the en(chant) and the silence of mermaids: about the children’s (no)place at the (cyber)culture Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
rita ribes pereira
v. 15 | 2019 body, technique and play in childhood: notes on Theodor W. Adorno’s critical theory Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
mara salgado
Vol 16 (2020) the child and the p4c curriculum Abstract  PDF
stefano oliverio
Vol 8, No 16 (2012): july/dec. childhood and children’s education: what do the teachers say? Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
conceição gislane nóbrega lima de salles
Vol 2, No 3 (2006): jan./june gilles deleuze: childhood and becoming-child Abstract  PDF (Français (Canada))
walter omar kohan
Vol 14, No 30 (2018): may/aug. a very crazy trip: some considerations about words researched by childhoods Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
luciano bedin da costa, joelma de vargas borges, rita de cássia nunes azzolin
Vol 16 (2020) the conundrum in the collective indian psyche regarding teaching philosophy in schools Abstract  PDF
arvind venkatasubramanian
Vol 17 (2021) spinoza on children and childhood Abstract  PDF
noa lahav ayalon
Vol 18 (2022) image production: a research project in the childhood mode Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
vanderleia de lourdes rodrigues lopes de oliveira, bianca santos chisté
Vol 16 (2020) the childhood of teaching and learning: inventing with and as a child the art of being a teacher Abstract  Sem título (Português (Brasil))  PDF (Português (Brasil))
mauro britto cunha, jair miranda de paiva
Vol 7, No 14 (2011): july/dec. children’s drawings as expressions of “narrative philosophizing” concepts of death a comparison of german and japanese elementary school children Abstract  PDF
eva marsal, takara dobashi
Vol 2, No 3 (2006): jan./june see these songs: childhood and mass culture Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
rita marisa ribes pereira
Vol 19 (2023) development of multidimensional thinking for the construction of a creative citizenship Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
víctor andrés rojas chávez, alejandra herrero hernández, simón dumett arrieta, adriana tabares salazar, zaily del piar garcía gutiérrez
Vol 4, No 8 (2008): july/dec. cotton seas. poetic images for a childhood experience (reading of the film valentín) Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
liliana judith guzmán
Vol 17 (2021) learning mathematics from philosophy for/with children Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
yuli piracoca hernández, liliana andrea mariño díaz
Vol 6, No 12 (2010): july/dec. friendship: a reflection about children participation in public space Abstract  PDF (Italiano)
diego di masi
Vol 14, No 29 (2018): jan./apr. listening to adults about childhood protection and children in homeless situation in urban brazil Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
suzana Santos libardi, marit ursin
Vol 17 (2021) authenticity as an inarticulate ideal in the contemporary discourse of good childhoods Abstract  PDF
luiz miranda
Vol 16 (2020) presentation - childhood, politicization and stasis: children's experiences and places that occupy the current world Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
beatriz fabiana olarieta, conceição firmina seixas silva, lisandra ogg gomes
Vol 1, No 1 (2005): jan./june childhood between literature and philosophy. readings of childhood in manoel de barros’ poetry Abstract  PDF
bernardina de sousa leal
Vol 19 (2023) a practical look at the concept of freedom with a philosophy approach for children in early childhood Abstract  PDF
deniz yüceer, sevgi coşkun keskin
Vol 4, No 8 (2008): july/dec. an experience of the infant gaze: philosophy at the university; philosophy at schools Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
laura de la fuente, laura morales, andrea quiroga
Vol 1, No 1 (2005): jan./june social processes of negotiation in childhood-qualitative access using the group discussion method Abstract  PDF
elfriede billmann mahecha
Vol 11, No 22 (2015): july/dec. merleau-ponty on children and childhood Abstract  PDF
brock a. bahler
Vol 6, No 11 (2010): jan./june time, experience, and language: territories of an infancy-to-come Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
césar donizetti leite
Vol 14, No 30 (2018): may/aug. childhoods of language, childhoods of infancy, childhoods memories: later it’s too late Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
carlos skliar
v. 15 | 2019 one boy in the world Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
dagmar de mello silva, larissa príncipe
Vol 4, No 8 (2008): july/dec. aión, kairós and chrónos: fragments of an endless conversation on childhood, philosophy and education Abstract  PDF
david knowles kennedy, walter omar kohan
Vol 17 (2021) writing like a child: childhood as "shelter and refuge" Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
walter omar kohan, magda costa carvalho
Vol 1, No 1 (2005): jan./june plato on children and childhood Abstract  PDF
walter omar kohan
Vol 7, No 14 (2011): july/dec. editors’ welcome Abstract  PDF
walter omar kohan, david kennedy
Vol 17 (2021) what can we do in the encounter with childhood? an invitation to a heterotopic look Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
letícia de lima borges, eliana da costa pereira de menezes
Vol 11, No 22 (2015): july/dec. foundations of democracy and sustainability: power, reality and dragons Abstract  PDF
margaret joan macdonald, warren bowen
Vol 16 (2020) between fences, games and spells: conflicts and appropriations of the territory by children and young quilombolas Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
beatriz corsino perez
Vol 2, No 4 (2006): july/dec. john dewey on children, childhood, and education Abstract  PDF
david knowles kennedy
Vol 6, No 11 (2010): jan./june childhood as a weapon in the struggle between rhetoric and philosophy in plato's gorgias Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
vinicius vicenzi
Vol 19 (2023) an open-ended story of some hidden sides of listening or (what) are we really (doing) with childhood? Abstract  PDF
joanna haynes, magda costa carvalho
Vol 14, No 30 (2018): may/aug. displacements, misplaced conversations: things of education and affirmation of a life that matters Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
alexsandro rodrigues, castiel vitorino brasileiro, jésio zamboni, marcelo santana ferreira, steferson zanoni roseiro
Vol 14, No 30 (2018): may/aug. the magic circle and the art of leaving to repeat in childhood: exercising and learning in the spheres Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
alexandre simão freitas
Vol 19 (2023) participation and political subjectivation of calunga children and young people Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
josé eduardo gama noronha, gabriela tebet
Vol 16 (2020) an epistemic attitude: welcome childhood Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
paula ramos de oliveira, denis domeneghetti badia
Vol 19 (2023) between bodies, dances and educations: a childlike experience Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
mayra giovaneti de barros, césar donizetti pereira leite
Vol 14, No 30 (2018): may/aug. childhood and teacher education: gestures, senses and beginnings Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
camila machado de lima
Vol 16 (2020) philosophy and children: for or with? Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
vania alarcon castillo
Vol 14, No 30 (2018): may/aug. from the need to question thought: child gestures on school time Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
luciana pacheco marques, cristiane elvira de assis oliveira, núbia schaper santos
v. 15 | 2019 starting from childhood, or the arché of thought Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
carla patrícia silva
Vol 16 (2020) continuing education and the ethical experience of the body in the production of the early childhood curriculum Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
sammy william lopes
Vol 18 (2022) childhood and children: between movements, thresholds, and borders Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
beatriz fabiana olarieta, conceição firmina seixas silva, lisandra ogg gomes
Vol 17 (2021) what do history manuals say about childhood? analysis of chilean school textbooks Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
humberto álvarez sepúlveda
v. 15 | 2019 childhood and invisibility: towards a pedagogy of what is concealed Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
daniel gaivota contage
Vol 14, No 29 (2018): jan./apr. “we need to talk about break-time!”: the construction of the common by children in school Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
lucia rabello de castro
Vol 18 (2022) walter, georg and dora: childhood under the watchful eye of the benjamin siblings Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
rita ribes pereira
Vol 17 (2021) give infancy to childhood. notes for a politics and poetics of time Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
carlos skliar, daniel brailovsky
Vol 14, No 29 (2018): jan./apr. childhood studies and research challenges: estrangement and interdependence, complexity and interdisciplinarity Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
maria leticia nascimento
Vol 18 (2022) philosophical camp: playful experience of thinking with childhood Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
wilson orlando ladino quiroz, erika viviana castellanos murcia
Vol 16 (2020) philosophy and childhood: theory and practice: presentation Abstract  PDF
silvia demozzi, luca zanetti
Vol 14, No 29 (2018): jan./apr. ethics in research with children: a review of the brazilian human and social sciences literature Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
renata lopes costa prado, maria cristina gonçalves vicentin, fulvia rosemberg
Vol 16 (2020) thought, experience and free time in child education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
gabriela venturini, betina schuler
Vol 17 (2021) from disciplinary power to biopower to necropolitics: the black child in search of a decolonized childhood Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
nilma lino gomes, cristina teodoro
Vol 14, No 29 (2018): jan./apr. the shared writing: monteiro lobato, the little frog and the renovation of nature Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
patricia tavares raffaini
Vol 17 (2021) children's cartography: methodological approaches followed by experiences with children and adolescents from portugal and brazil Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
tiago almeida, luciano bedin costa
Vol 18 (2022) childhood and alterity: experience and creation in the relationship between children and adults Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
deise arenhart, daniela de oliveira guimarães
Vol 18 (2022) walter benjamin: “childhood, a devastating experience” Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
anelise monteiro do nascimento
Vol 18 (2022) thinking childhood and experience with the child benjamin Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
eduarda aleycha luciano santana, paula ramos de oliveira
Vol 17 (2021) ‘seeing’ with/in the world: becoming-little Abstract  PDF
theresa magdalen giorza, karin murris
Vol 18 (2022) childhood protagonism in latin american scenarios: threshold dialogues with childhood studies Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
monique aparecida voltarelli
Vol 14, No 29 (2018): jan./apr. childhood, experience and education: notes from reflections on childhood Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
eloisa acires candal rocha, márcia buss-simão
Vol 16 (2020) “the sharp teeth of life prefer meat in the earliest childhood”: an ethnocartography with beasties eyes Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
marcos ribeiro de melo, michele de freitas faria de vasconcelos, edson augusto de souza neto
Vol 18 (2022) childhood times: language and experience Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
adilson cristiano habowski, cleber gibbon ratto
Vol 18 (2022) to an adult’s face, the gesture of Alice in the cities Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
victor anselmo costa, kátia maria kasper
Vol 16 (2020) children and music: musical education and childhood studies in dialogue Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
sandra mara da cunha
Vol 16 (2020) childhood, visual culture, and education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
adriana hoffmann fernandes, helenice mirabelli cassino
Vol 14, No 29 (2018): jan./apr. childhoods: voices from diversity Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
maria teresa suarez, josé alfredo malagón lópez
Vol 17 (2021) survival of deaf childhood in a society centered in the oral language: the covid-19 case and the viralization of libras Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
vanessa regina de oliveira martins
Vol 18 (2022) "it’s so strange feel that we exist": childhood and cinema in the short film alma Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
caroline trapp de queiroz
v. 15 | 2019 on the need for a philosophy for / with mothers and fathers in the philosophy program for / with girls and boys Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
juan carlos sarmiento
Vol 17 (2021) childhood and the (un)speakable: ubuesco power, resistance, and the possibility of justice Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
eduardo rezende melo, flavia inês schilling
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