nature gives and nature takes: a qualitative comparison between canadian and german children about their concepts of ‘nature’

parmis aslanimehr, eva marsal, barbara weber, fabian knapp


As concerns of the Earth heading towards environmental change is gaining more prominence, this article will introduce a pilot study intended to investigate the common ideas children have about nature and how such ideas emerge within a philosophical community of inquiry about nature. We are particularly interested in a cultural comparison between German and Canadian children in order to see if the different historical and cultural developments influence how children understand and feel about nature. This pilot study contributes towards a greater understanding of the cultural differences underlying how children’s perceptions of nature are tied to their identity formation. Furthermore, the process of philosophical inquiry may lend sensitivity to how children reflect and feel as they grow in today’s culture focused on environmental sustainability and economic development.


philosophy for children, philosophy of nature, environment, canadian- german comparison; philosophical inquiry; community of inquiry

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