listening childhood


  • alessandra lopes Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
  • beatriz fabiana olarieta
  • carla silva



In this dossiê we present ten texts that, from different perspectives, listen to the voice of childhood. Eight of them were selected from papers addressed at the IX Colloquium on Philosophy and Education, with the them "Philosophy and education in wandering: inventing school, childhood of thinking", held at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro between 1 and 5 October of 2018. Regardless,  the discipline from which they develop their arguments and the practices that feed them, etc., all of them engage in the task of "listening to" childhood. We hope this dossiê gives good and stimulating resonances to our readers, allowing them to be opened to the childhood, the otherness and the diversity that this dossier contains.



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lopes, alessandra, olarieta, beatriz fabiana, & silva, carla. (2018). listening childhood. Childhood & Philosophy, 14(31), 539–543.