displacements, misplaced conversations: things of education and affirmation of a life that matters

alexsandro rodrigues, castiel vitorino brasileiro, jésio zamboni, marcelo santana ferreira, steferson zanoni roseiro


From the premise that the child is a dangerous other and that so must be controlled, this essay proposes to accompany – and, someway, to invent – the errant, devious and fag childhood as a possibility field to affirm the life that differs from itself. Understanding with René Schérer, Guy Hocquenghem and Michel Foucault that the childhoods are relegated to an order of institutions that kidnaps them in nonstop, it is, an order of institutions that strongly haunt the childhoods to reap the possibility fields, this text tries to ally with the children and their tricks. Therefore, this writing aims to affirm the child as an analytical category, as a fiction of the remembrance processes. In this adventure, it is the invention processes itself that allies to the memory and makes the concepts and the affects of raciality, gender and sexuality work. Here the child erase the limits of those categories and throw in the air the stability of the existence. Because they are tricky, the errant children do not satisfy themselves with the kidnaped childhood on selling. They laugh and mock on the comfortable childhood stories told in the adult world. The children here presented are powerful because they stablish resistance lines to face the violence, the racism, the compulsory heterosexuality and the misogyny. Tricky, the children just laugh and invite the others with their trail of romp.


child; childhood; identity; sexuality; race

DOI: https://doi.org/10.12957/childphilo.2018.33631


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