“If I were Anne”: how Sweden brought Anne of Green Gables to the Palestinian classroom

Mary McDonald-Rissanen


Sweden’s teachers have a history of engaging children through literature into the humanistic endeavor of developing self-esteem and a positive attitude to life. The Canadian classic Anne of Green Gables written by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908 is one of the worksof literature where a pedagogy has been developed to further these aims. The Swedish organization Diakonia has been instrumental in promoting these same ideals of empowering children through literature. While in Palestine I became familiar with Diakonia’s activities with local educators and in this article I examine how Palestinian teachers use this methodology with their Arabic copy of Anne of Green Gables.


Literature. Empowerment. Palestine. Applied Pedagogy. “Anne of Green” Gables.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.12957/soletras.2013.9350

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