Brian Selznick’s The invention of Hugo Cabret, Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, and the theft of subjectivity


  • Mark Macleod Universidade Charles Sturt



Hugo. Brian Selznick. Martin Scorsese. Subjectivity. Adaptation.


Sanders (2006) and Hutcheon (2006) are among the many adaptation theorists whochallenge the criterion of ‘fidelity’, and yet a frequent response to Martin Scorsese’sAcademy Award-winning film Hugo is that it is faithful to Brian Selznick’s Caldecott Medalwinningbook The invention of Hugo Cabret. This paper argues that in each case the mediumdetermines a significant difference in the construction of subjectivity. The book’spreoccupation with theft indicates a Lacanian concern with the origin of subjectivity and theimplied author’s subtextual guilt about his dependence on the work of another artist. Thefilm’s shift in emphasis to the necessity of relationships and family, however, parallelsKristeva’s assumption that intertextuality is inevitable. As Geraghty (2009) points out,adaptation is by definition dependent on another text. Consequently, Scorsese’s Hugo ignoresthe book’s concern with originality and, at a time when cinema is again being repositioned bytechnological change, celebrates the continuity and heritage of the medium.

Biografia do Autor

Mark Macleod, Universidade Charles Sturt

Mark Macleod is an Australian academic and writer for children. He has been Children’s Publishing Directorfor Random House, publisher of his own name imprint Mark Macleod Books for Hachette Australia, a televisionand radio presenter and national president of the Children’s Book Council of Australia. He lectures in children’sliterature and creative writing at Charles Sturt University, southwest of Sydney. Among his recent publicationsare A Treasure Chest of Rhymes (Bolinda Audio), a collection of 40 lyrics for children set to music by PeterSullivan; the picture book Just One More (ABC Books), and Onde Deus Está? (Editora Fundamento, 2011).

Mark Macleod é professor universitário e escritor australiano. É Editor-Diretor da Random House; editor de suamarca, Mark Macleod Livros, na editora Hachette Australia; além de apresentador de rádio e PresidenteNacional do Conselho do Livro Infantil da Austrália. Ensina Literatura Infantil e Escrita Criativa naUniversidade Charles Sturt, em Sydney, Austrália. Entre seus livros mais recentes, estão A Treasure Chest ofRhymes (Bolinda Audio), coletânea de 40 poemas líricos para crianças musicados por Peter Sullivan; o livro deimagens Just One More (ABC Books); e, no Brasil, Onde Deus está? (Editora Fundamento, 2011)].






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