continuing education and the ethical experience of the body in the production of the early childhood curriculum

sammy william lopes


The paper addresses the problem of continuing education of teachers in early childhood education in contemporary times, asking how to elaborate formative pathways that do not focus exclusively on the models/standards of professionalization predetermined by academic production, and later adopted by government policies. It is organized from the investigative movement traced with the teachers who participate in the extension-research project UERJ-EDU-DEDI, coordinated by the author. It critically analyzes the main causes that justify the failure of the training projects established based on the aforementioned models of professionalization and points out conceptual possibilities to think more immanent formative processes, that is, produced from the experiences that unfold itself in the curricular movement, experiences in which teachers try to build more ethical educational relationships with childhood. It concludes that the formative movement needs to be configured as space-time for the expression and collective evaluation of the ethical-educational potentialities engendered in these experiences. The work is conceptually aligned with Gilles Deleuze's philosophy of difference, especially the reading he performs of Baruch Spinoza's "Ethics". It is methodologically guided by the monitoring the modes of subjectivation cartography traced by the teachers in the process of curriculum production for early childhood education, according to the theoretical guidance provided by Suely Rolnik and Felix Guattari.


early childhood education; curriculum; continuing education; experience; self-care.


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