‘care’ in education: an analysis of the lipmanian perspective

leoni maria padilha henning


The central theme about which this article deals with is “caring”. Departing from a presentation that brings up the problematic, we seek to suggest the amplitude and complexity of the theme in order to, afterwards, taking it closer to education, then arriving to the desired context for exploring the concepts presented: the caring thinking in Matthew Lipman. To the author, our intellectual tradition is gradually deepening that what is characteristic of critical thinking as a platform that moves away from what we designated as the emotional, the affective or the amount of manifestations of the human feelings. Lipman, being a radical adversary to this comprehension, proposes the concept of reasonableness, which implies the conjunction of critical, creative and caring thinking. It is about to the latter that our bibliographical investigation seeks to collect the information in order to elaborate some reflections which, according to our view, are important to the philosophical-educational field.


cuidado – pensamento cuidadoso – Matthew Lipman


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