the political solidarity of a republic school in the thought of carlos norberto vergara

mariana alvarado


In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a teacher in the province of Mendoza, C. N. Vergara (1859-1929) underwent a series of experiences in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a Republic school—that is a school animated by ideals of political solidarity. In this paper I intend to bring his experience to bear on the concepts of republic, educational institution, politics, and solidarity, starting with some relevant educational incidents in the 21st century. I offer short biographies of children that evoke the life flowing in and out of educational institutions, including themes such as adults as overshadowing subjects in schools and the institutionalization of childhood. I then offer the Mercedes Normal School in Argentina as an example of an educational institution in which the presence of philosophy—a form of philosophy that does not remain within its walls but mobilizes, overflowing into the streets, stimulating the renewal of actors, actions and intentions-- fulfills the republican promise invoked by Vergara.


alternative education. Political solidarity. Republican school. Carlos Norberto Vergara.


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