sewing a storytelling tapestry - when children take over the plot, a handmade art




children, storytelling tapestry, literature, narrative, handcraft


The purpose of this text is to think about how the handmade presents itself in the language of a tridimensional storytelling tapestry created and sewn into books--a technique and enterprise for the promotion of reading that originated on France and has developed in Brazil as of 1997--thinking over its survival in technological and accelerated times. For a better study of such the question, an experiment was made in the specific context of the “Solar Meninos de Luz” (a philanthropic educational institution) with children between 9 and 11 years old. The objective was to observe how the children would appropriate the given materials and the language of the story through elaborating on the given, original narrative. Our research led to the formulation of the methodological concept of research-atelier, and the hand-crafted practice of creating and sewing tapestry as a vehicle for the identity-development of the self-storyteller. It also led to reflection on how children relate to dimensions of the handmade through the experience of storytelling with tapestry. The research suggests specific practical applications, and helps us in thinking about the exercise of expression, the elaboration of speech/narrative, and the process of communication in the educational medium.

Author Biography

daniela fossaluza, federal university of the state of rio de janeiro

Graduated in Performing Arts at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (2000), specialization in children's literature by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He completed his master's degree through the Graduate Program in Education at UniRio. Currently, she is a member of the board of Instituto Rio de Histórias and a partner director of the art and education company Stitching Histories Promotion of Cultural and Artistic Events Ltd., in addition to teaching at Escola Parque (RJ) giving arts workshops. Develops the language of storytelling through three-dimensional rugs - handcrafted objects created from children's books, since 1998, a practice of stimulating and promoting reading carried out by educational institutions, art and culture. Since 2001, she has been responsible for the artistic direction of Cia. Costeando Histórias, also participating as an actress and creating the scenarios that make up the group's shows. He presents shows, gives workshops and exhibits his works at literary events, arts festivals, cultural spaces and educational institutions.


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