the construction or production of subjectivty, of subject from psychoanlisis and of subject subjected to disability discourse


  • blanca estela zardel jacobo Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México



pasicanalise, discapacidade,


A cruise is presented from four tours. The first ventures into a reflection of subjectivity from two perspectives; which part of the subjectivity inherent in the subject under three dimensions: bio-psycho-social. Their study requires position it as object and approach it with quantitative and qualitative methods to demonstrate their confiability and validity. The other approach is based on social disciplines whose starting point is to consider the subject from a subjectivity that is produced from a social and historical externality. The second route will address the constitution of the subject from psychoanalysis, Freud and Lacan considering as priority authors. The third route will make a shift or historical construction of disability against the point of view of considering disability as an "attribute" or condition of the subject, It will work from the perspective of production of disability as a figure or mode of a stun otherness. The fourth and last, introduces a look that subverts the look of disability and makes breaking effects, new meaning and / or restructuring. Under some practices from areas of art and sport, are already lifestyles of certain individuals, that despite all the social allocate to exclusion, are showing with their day to day living areas where research must venture and start with them and with other professionals, inquiries to the manner of other subjectivities and identities approaching other alternative ways of being and being in the world.

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blanca estela zardel jacobo, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Blanca Estela Zardel Jacobo. Dra en Pedagogía, FFyL-UNAM. UIICSE, FES Iztacala, UNAM, México. Investigaciones en las temáticas de Curriculum/Educación; Integración e Inclusión Educativa; Subjetividad, Alteridad y Diferencia. Presidenta de la RIIE. Responsable de las Evaluaciones Externas del PNFEEIE, SEB-SEP 2004 AL 2007. Participación en la OCDE, Miembro del COMIE. Autora y compiladora de más de 10 libros y artículos varios en revistas tanto nacional como internacional. Miembro del SNI.



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