childhood body, teaching and ethics of self-care


  • márcia buss-simão


This essay is the result of reflections, readings and discussions on a compulsory subject for a doctorate in education. In reflections woven search yourself a chance to give the term a broader meaning care that 'caring for the body' aiming thereby problematizing the trivialization of this care in the educational field and, more particularly, the field of childhood studies. To guide these reflections, crossing issues such as childhood body and teaching, it seeks a dialogue with Michel Foucault, especially his writings in which he brings the self care as a practice of freedom. Whereas the practice of self-care allows you to communicate with others, being at the same time, an individual and social practice, one can understand the care of itself as a way to become the subject, not a subject subjected, but a guy free and emancipated. Based on this understanding it is thought as a fruitful possibility of moving the ethics of self-care for children education, seeking his connection with the care of each other in daily educational activities with children.



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