A FRAMEWORK-IN-ACTION FOR RECONSTRUCTIVE ANALYSIS IN LANGUAGE AND LITERACY TEACHER EDUCATION / Uma estrutura ativa para a análise reconstrutiva na educação de professores de linguas e literacidade





Reconstructive discourse analysis. Systemic functional linguistics. Literacy teacher education. Transformative discourse practices.


This paper aims to provide a framework-in-action, informed by Systemic Functional Linguistics, to inspire reconstructive discourse analysis in language and literacy teacher education, with illustrative examples and provocative questions. We exemplify the use of the framework through the analysis of a community mapping project. We analyze the curriculum documents, as well as a sample of a racially aware educator’s community mapping project, through the ideational, interpersonal, and textual metafunctions, drawing relevant semiotic interpretations on the field, tenor, and mode. Findings highlight tensions in practice and possibilities for reconstructing curricular knowledge more deeply rooted in praxis that is intentionally transformative, context-specific, historically construed, and geopolitically sensitive. We pose a series of questions that educators can bring to bear on the discourse practices of teacher education. Whether one is studying texts, curricular documents, instructional dialogues, or policies, this framework-in-action provides tools and questions that may be useful for deconstructing whiteness and reconstructing anti-racism. It also situates teacher educators as agents of policy making and implementation who are able to reconstruct discursive practices to respond to pressing social needs in the context of literacy teacher education. The idea of a framework-in-action emphasizes the partiality of epistemological and ontological foundations and the need to connect our analyses in the social world in ways that make a difference.

Biografia do Autor

Luzkarime Calle-Diaz, Universidad del Norte, ELL technologies

Luzkarime Calle-Diaz is an educational researcher with an academic background in English Language
Teaching (ELT). She holds a PhD in Education from Universidad del Norte, Colombia. She is currently
working as a Pedagogy Specialist at ELL technologies, a Canadian-based language learning
technologies company. She is also a researcher affiliated to Universidad del Norte. Her current
research interests situate at the intersection of Discourse Studies and Peace Education, with a special
interest in critical and positive discourse analysis, critical literacies, and children’s literature for

Rebecca Rogers, University of Missouri - St. Louis.

Rebecca Rogers is the E. Des Lee Endowed Professor of Tutorial Education and a Curators’ Distinguished Research Professor of Literacy Studies. She earned her PhD in Reading/Literacy from the School of Education at the University of Albany (SUNY) in 2000. Her scholarship focuses on learning ecologies where teachers, students, families, and community/place based knowledges intersect and create meaningful opportunities for expansive literacies to flourish across the lifespan. She is a Fulbright Scholar having worked at the Universidad de San Martín in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the field of Critical Discourse Studies.




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Calle-Diaz, L., & Rogers, R. (2023). A FRAMEWORK-IN-ACTION FOR RECONSTRUCTIVE ANALYSIS IN LANGUAGE AND LITERACY TEACHER EDUCATION / Uma estrutura ativa para a análise reconstrutiva na educação de professores de linguas e literacidade. Pensares Em Revista, (27), 61–89. https://doi.org/10.12957/pr.2023.73959