DECOLONIALITIES AND MULTIMODAL LITERACIES IN A TEACHER-FORMATION COURSE / Decolonialidades e letramentos multimodais em um curso de trans-formação de professores

Ricardo Toshihito Saito


Coloniality can be so subtle that most of us are not able to see it or recognize it as such. The world of the so-called “mankind” belongs exclusively to the "white man”, and not to a woman, or the subjects of any other "colors". Coloniality is so deeply ingrained in our minds and bodies, represented and reinforced by the media and textbooks, that we hardly perceive how we and the Others, subaltern subjects, are made invisible by abyssal lines (SOUSA SANTOS, 2010), many of which are based on the construct of race (QUIJANO, 2019 [1998]), a construct created by the Eurocentric modernity-rationality project (QUIJANO, 1992), and widely accepted throughout the world ever since. By having the Epistemologies of the South (SOUSA SANTOS, 2010) as one of the possible methodologies of knowledge co-construction from the Global South in the Global South, this article intends to discuss some possible ways to deconstruct some colonialities and foster processes of decolonialities in a teacher trans-formation  course through meta-classes (SAITO, 2021), and hopefully provoke some other movements of the thought. Deterritorializations and reterritorializations (DELEUZE; GUATTARI, 2011) of some constructs elaborated by this Eurocentric paradigm of modernity-rationality, is mediated by some pedagogical materials developed with the intention of making teachers in-devir reflect upon multimodal literacies, and how each one of us, teachers in-devir, could use them to transread and transwrite, “transgress” with multimodality the hegemony of graphocentric literacy, focusing on our lifeworlds (THE NEW LONDON GROUP, 1996) situated in social, cultural and school ecologies, in which we belong and transit, and their implications in the processes of coloniality and decoloniality of which we are all part.


Decoloniality Processes. Meta-classes. Multimodal Literacies. Teacher Formation

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