childhood, experience and education: notes from reflections on childhood

eloisa acires candal rocha, márcia buss-simão


This article brings reflections that involve childhood and experience from the area ofeducation and, particularly, the considerations about research with young children andearly childhood education. The notes impose limits on this place of study and delimitsthese as part of a criticism and self-criticism of education and the possibilities ofconsolidation of a Pedagogy of Childhood. In this direction, the article considers theanalysis of the meaning of experience for the main educational theories or educationalprojects for childhood education, in order to lead to a demarcation of the contours of theeducational experience in the institutionalized childhood. To do so, it presents someelements related to the educational experience as a social experience based on empiricalstudies that give visibility to the actions of children as part of their lives in children'scollectives. Finally, it indicates as challenges for the possible consolidation of a Pedagogyof Childhood an approach of Pedagogy to children's manifestations, the child in situationand the possibilities of the educational processes if they are based on listening, dialogueand relationships, making it possible to include in practices educational, the meanings produced by the children themselves in their life contexts and their cultural andexpressive manifestations.


early childhood education; childhood; experience.



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