education and plastic force. the deficiency that constitutes us


  • andrea marta diaz genis Universidad de la República



Fuerza plástica, resiliencia, accidente, deficiencia, educación


The human being is a protean being whose reality is change and transformation. Transformation is unpredictable. Being human is being different. This adaptability to change is only one of the characteristics of being protean and the misfortune of peoples and countries occur as its consequence. In other areas, such issue was referred to as resilience. To live better, we must learn to minimize the possibility of accidents, can and must learn to take care of ourselves and of others (especially in societies as giddy and subject to change as ours). Within the adaptability to change, there exists the possibility of a destructive ability to change which is responsible for the separation between before and after, between subjectivity and life. Whether we are or not to face this reality of what occurs by accident, we should nonetheless, educate for resilience. Both subjects are equally important: the fragile nature of humankind together with its strength to overcome incidents and to move on. Inadequacy is not only available for some but instead, it is part of human nature. This puts us in another point of view, in which the inadequacy is not the other, but we are all, beings made of scraps that have been affirmed in the becoming, denying possibilities and can be reconstituted every time, incomplete, insufficient and partial beings.

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andrea marta diaz genis, Universidad de la República

Prof.Agregada con dedición total, Directora del Dpto. Filosofía de la educación. Coordinadora de la Maestría



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