school and university. the evaluation of laboratory experiences


  • lucia francesca pulvirenti UNIVERSITA' DEGLI STUDI DI CATANIA
  • alessandra tigano
  • agata valenziano
  • lucia zoda


valutazione ermeneutica, pensiero razionale, pensiero emozionale


The main objective of teaching workshop’s experimental stage is to compare hypotheses of research, which have embodied the creation of the project, with obtained results. Working within this connection, we have initiated a hermeneutic value analysis of free narratives written by workshop participants. The results proposed here are merely qualitative, and are based on three separated workshops: - To Play Thinking in a Circle, conducted with nursery school children; - Born to Read and Think, conducted with primary school children; - Philosophy for Children as a Way of Thinking and Feeling Differently, conducted with university students. The initial hypothesis is confirmed: to philosophize in the community of inquiry has given to almost all participants new perspectives of meaning on the processes of thinking and feeling, so that new elements of growth and transformation can be identified and fostered.

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lucia francesca pulvirenti, UNIVERSITA' DEGLI STUDI DI CATANIA

Dipartimento "Processi formativi"; Professore associato



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pulvirenti, lucia francesca, tigano, alessandra, valenziano, agata, & zoda, lucia. (2010). school and university. the evaluation of laboratory experiences. Childhood & Philosophy, 5(10), p. 403–424. Retrieved from



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