philosophy and praxis social: a project of development of ethical imagination in latin america


  • angélica sátiro Universidad de Barcelona


creativity, citizenship, peace


This article presents and explains the drawing, the materials and the activities of the project “The track of the dreams” carried through for the MINEDUC (Ministry of Education of Guatemala). This project was worked by 1001 young Guatemalan people in 2005, 85 thousand in 2006 and has 125 thousand ones as forecast for 2007. The project aims the development of ethical imagination starting from their dreams (sights of future) that, helped by a specific methodology, transform these desires into life projects, projects of nation and projects of inquiry-action with communitarian repercussion. A large and deep application of the concept of active, conscientious and participative citizenship. Philosophy functions as a net that gives support in two levels: a) conceptual: with subjects of areas as Ethics, Aesthetic, Epistemology and Social Philosophy, etc; b) methodological: with proposals like the communities of inquiry and dialogue as value and as method. Angélica Sátiro was the responsible for drawing the project, with its concepts, the specific methodology and materials that give support to the application of the project; she councils the different responsible teams for the management of the project, the formation of teachers and the assessment of the work in classroom.

Author Biography

angélica sátiro, Universidad de Barcelona

directora del proyecto Noria ( directora de la Casa Creativa y de la asociacion Crearmundos



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