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  • Mauricio Mota


The Journal of City Law, classified by MEC / CAPES as Qualis A1, Law and registered in the Web of Science, is pleased to inform to all its readers that it had the article The Brazilian Supreme Court And National Class Entities: civil society and its access to the constitutional review, by authors Rodrigo Brandão and Daniel Capecchi Nunes, published in the Journal of City Law, v. 10, n. 1, p. 164-196, quoted by Minister Roberto Barroso of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), in the precautionary measure in the allegation of breach of fundamental precept no. 527 - Federal District.

We thank, as always, all the readers, authors, evaluators and collaborators for the collaboration and trust and for the always excellent work done. We always remember that the submissions for the Journal of City Law are permanent and must be carried out by the system, directly on the Journal's page.

Good reading to all!

Mauricio Mota

Editor of Journal of City Law





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