Criticism of ideas out of place: the Alberto Torres legal realism / Crítica às ideias fora de lugar: o realismo legal de Alberto Torres

Daniel Machado Gomes, Maurício Pires Guedes


This article aims at exposing the legal ideas of Torres that architect a realistic theory of the law and to present the constitutionalism that emerges from the analysis of the author. The research uses the qualitative and deductive method, having as primary source and theoretical framework the work The National Organization. As a result, it was understood that Torres' legal realism provided new instruments for the application of legal norms and marks to this day the critique of legal formalism within studies of Theory of Law. It is concluded that from the time of Torres until 1988 there were many discussions that marked the development of Brazilian constitutional history that have their origin in the events that occurred at the national level, as teaches the author.


Constitution of 1891; antiliberalism; nationalism; antiformalism; constitutionalism.

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