childhood, alterity and teacher training: meeting with children as a powerful transformation

tiago ribeiro, rafael de souza, adrianne ogêda guedes


This paper aims to share reflections produced in the core of a research developed in everyday life of a school located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in order to think the teacher training process and the child's potentiality in it. Through an investigation from the perspective of research with daily life, making use of narratives produced in the field notebook and of impressions and senses created throughout the investigation, brings two scenes experienced in the daily life of the mentioned public school and, with them, discusses concepts of training and child, defending the latter as a legitimate other in teacher education and training as a singular process and at the same time, collective and polyphonic. Finally, from the proposed problematization, the text invites us to think training with childhood in the quality of training as experience: that one which makes us think and think about ourselves, that is a training that moves us and causes us to inquire about our certainties and crystallized truths, invites us to be already others of ourselves, to rethink our ways of being, to be and to live the teaching experience with the children. Therefore, it is an invitation to think about our place and the place of children, in other words, our relationship in education and teacher's training.


formação docente; infância; alteridade.



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