anarchism and decolonization: possibilities for thinking about childhood

olivia pires coelho, maria carmen silveira barbosa


This article intends to contribute to the reflections on Postcolonialism and Anarchism under the perspective of Childhood decolonization practices. The purpose of socializing this analysis, part of the master’s in Education thesis (research line - Childhood Studies) is to build new perspectives into the comprehension on postcolonial and anarchist practices on early childhood education. We believe, therefore, that sharing creations and theoretical analysis is fundamental for the exercise of a democratic science. Because it is within dialogue that the differences and the contributions meet. It’s also pertinent to point out that this research is marginal. Marginal because it is not focused on the Childhood Studies mainstream discourse: it is not a pedagogical discourse, nor a psychological neither a pediatric one. We are focusing on childhood under the perspective of the Social Movements, specially the anarchist and the Unschooling perspective, hoping to contribute to the epistemological debates within the reflections about the elements that constitute the development of Education as a Social Science, effectively political and revolutionary engaged. To conclude, this investigation and its catalyzers are not seeking a crystalized truth: we are hoping to lose our own capitalists ties, as scientists, researchers, teachers, educators and thinkers.


Pós-Colonialismo; Anarquismo; Estudos da Infância



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