childhoods with childhoods: narratives of a close relationship between philosophy and preschool children

carmen sanches sampaio, josé ricardo santiago, renata alves


What could be expected from encounters among adults and children that hold a philosophical potential? Which possibilities and movements could emerge from such encounters? Which impacts could these movements generate in teachers that see themselves in constant professional development? This paper aims to shed light on these questions, focusing on the practical experience of living the philosophical act with preschool children. Through an approach which complexifies naturalized relations among school subjects, times and knowledges, this paper presents an initial movement of thinking the practice-theory-practice articulation as a privileged time of teacher development; denounces limits and announces possibilities of ways of doing school.. The philosophical practices with preschool students allow us to think beyond the moments in which we are invited to experience a more philosophical way of thinking. It is noticeable that philosophical experience allows us to think of teaching practices and teacher development in different ways. These approaches are often disregarded by the school as an institution. Not only do children make questions and venture themselves in the possibilities of this approach to philosophy. Adults that are part of this diverse group also engage in philosophy when it comes to experiencing thought. Programs for professional development for teachers which are based on the concept of experience, the notion of the other as an “legitimate one” and equity of intelligences are of utmost importance since it broadens the possibilities of teaching practices that are compromised with equity and it does not pose itself as an end to be achieved, but rather as a beginning of any emancipatory relationship.


Filosofia com crianças; Formação Docente; Experiência



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