fragments – the winds, the friends, the road

rosana aparecida fernandes, josé menna oliveira


Schizoid walks, broken, split, a bit of air, wind, roads, and steps suggest a learning, a friendship, memories, confabulations, becoming, secrets of travelers from different tribes. And all a diagrammatic is conceived to capture the relations between strengths and to highlight, in the route and in the course, lines, fluxes and compositions. From life, fragments of thoughts fall apart. From the thoughts, life possibilities detach themselves. And, continually, the experimentation of a life raises others thinking modes and triggers news ways of life. The connection between life, thought, schizoid walks, friendship, becoming and confabulations double the forces and opens the bodies to the incommensurable of the self and the world. Nevertheless, in this life conduction, in this kind of self-orientation and this way to transit the world, there is no transcendent authorized to say what is right and what is wrong. Each body, only, can map its own roads, consult its own fibers, and decipher its own signs. Each one has to invent his owns footsteps, chose in which direction to row his boat and learn to identify which wind is good and favorable to his navigation. There are a lot of modalities to go trough the road, as many as there are roads. Believe in an ordained development of the walk, into a procedure characterized by centrality and exactitude, is to believe that something like the road exists and, as has indicated Zarathustra, the road does not exist; there is, indeed, many roads and manners to transpose them. In such way that an experimentation of the self requires a self artisan. And to become a self artisan is to make of the self a journey that has no end; it is to become sensitive to the veins of our own bodies; it is to undo the I to run after the owns kennels, the friendships and the meetings that increase the acting, living, thinking, feeling potency; it is to conjugate the strengths of our own body with the strength of others bodies; it is to make fibers with the others bodies, to make rhizomes, and enter in a becomingfriend; it is to answer to the friendships brought by the wind, by hazard, and together with the friend do experiment perception, sensation, memory and thought potencies. The friendship makes itself condition to think, like have witnessed Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Maurice Blanchot and Georges Bataille.


Friendship, thought, philosophy


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