criterios e instituciones en la práctica filosófica

david sumiacher


The following article presents two general issues. The first is related with some anchor points regarding philosophical practice as a professional field. In this sense I’ll seek three criteria for distinguishing philosophical practices regarding what practices are not. The first of these is the existence of a set of principles that sustain, regulate and explain what is being done; the second, a specific application on a particular grupal space and the third, the fact that these applications respond to a philosophical work for the assistants to this sessions. The second part will focus on two of the most important institutions or events in the field of philosophy: The International Conference of Philosophical Practice and the International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children. Both operate in a professional network generally isolated and not communicated, therefore comparatively show some qualities of them and propose the possibility of openness and dialogue, the two as part of the same disciplinary field using the same criteria that I have described. With this it will promote a greater interrelation between these parts to expand the impact and development of philosophical practices.


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