napité. an approach to philosophy for children into a native context


  • david sumiacher


FpN, filosofía para niños, filosofía con niños, prácticas filosóficas, filósofo, Matthew Lipman, tojolabales, indígenas


The following article will present and explore an experience with the community Tojolabal Napité in the municipality of Las Margaritas, Chiapas, Mexico. In a context of non-formal education and in the guise of a simple "game" we developed many activities with different implications. Considering the difficulty for many indigenous communities to express and defend their individual or collective thought, sought a rapprochement recreational, educational and philosophical enabled we get some results within this educational goal. The analysis of expressions of the boys is tasked to show how a relatively short time experience in philosophy with children, can produce observable results in the initiation and expression of critical thinking. Critical and philosophical thinking surrounds us as an inseparable part of our humanity behind. What we have done here is only enhanced through workshops funny and stimulating an analysis of its manifestation. Against the backward “thesis” that philosophy is present only when it is locked in the halls of the university we support the view opposite that for forty years Lipman declare. It is possible that the nascent philosophical creation develops from games, texts and activities and with more time to mature in a development form. At the same time it seeks to present how from alternative to the program or method of the FpN in the strict sense, it can carry out a primitive philosophical expression. Were used for this field work proposals the recreation teaching of Monica Kac and of course all the conceptual-methodological-practical bases of philosophy with children. This is only a brief case, but aims to reflect about the infinite range of possibilities that enable us, not only the proposal of philosophy with children, but the mere fact of making a class in formal or not formal way.



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