childhood and hospitality in simón rodríguez


  • maximiliano durán


hospitalidad, escuela, extranjero, infancia


The present work intends to describe the personality of a teacher from the beginning of the XIX Century who transgressed the traditional forms of being with the other in the “School of First Letters” in South America. The article is structured in three parts. The first part analyzes the concept of the foreigner and its possible relation with the first letters school of the XIX Century. The second part attempts to describe the form with which Simón Rodríguez offered hospitality to the foreigner in the school of Chuquisaca. Finally, we try to think of the possible relation between the concept of childhood, as described by Walter Kohan in his book Childhood, politics and thought, and the concepts of foreigner and hospitality in the thought of Simón Rodríguez.



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