aion space - philosophy as a space of reflection in the community


  • lúcia helena pulino


In this article, presented at the Colloque sur nouvelles pratiques philosophiques (Unesco-Paris, November, 2006), we offer an introduction to the Aion Space, an research extension project of the University of Brasilia, DF, Brasil. AION constitutes a space/time for reflection, practice and communication in Philosophy, the Humanities and Arts. AION is a multi-purpose space that promotes a collective philosophical reflection on psychological, historical, social, anthropological, and artistic themes. AION seeks to become a mobile space that travels to the communities of the DF region. AION is a space of resistance to the naturalization of the universal human, and it investigates different possibilities and ways for women, men and children to relate to each other and live. Key Words: reflection; philosophy; humanities; arts; communities



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