Requirements Communication in Safety-Critical Systems: an extended literature overview

Jéssyka Vilela, Jaelson Castro, Luiz Martins, Tony Gorschek, Camilo Almendra


Context: Safety-critical systems (SCS) must be carefully planned
since inadequate or misunderstood requirements have been recognized as the
major cause of safety-related catastrophes. Objective: We investigate the inte-
gration and requirements communication in the requirements engineering (RE)
process among different parties when developing SCS. Method: We used a Sys-
tematic Mapping Study as the basis for our work. Results: We analyze several
aspects such as challenges, domain, requirements activity, languages, tools, sta-
keholders involved, communication format, and safety standards. Conclusions:
This information contributes to setting up possible collaborative networks and
as a reference when developing new research projects.

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