CATIE: A Catalogue of iStar Extensions


  • Enyo Gonçalves
  • Tiago Heineck
  • João Araújo
  • Jaelson Castro



iStar has been extended since its initial proposal in the 90’s. It is worth noting that since 2016 the language notation is under standardisation. However, new extensions continue to be proposed. The search for previous extensions and its constructs can be a starting point in the proposal of new ones. So, to ease the identification of the previous extensions and its constructs is essential to next proposals. Motivated by this situation, the objective of this paper is to present a catalogue of iStar extensions. The extensions and their constructs were identified from a systematic literature review, which identified that 96 extensions had been proposed until 2016. The results suggest that catalogue is important during future iStar extensions proposal.




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Gonçalves, E., Heineck, T., Araújo, J., & Castro, J. (2019). CATIE: A Catalogue of iStar Extensions. Cadernos Do IME - Série Informática, 41, 23–37.