putting philosophy to the service of schools to give children’s voices real value


  • sonia parís albert Universitat Jaume I




Philosophy, philosophy with children, liberating education, childhood, schools


This article explores a modern approach to childhood that abandons the traditional view of children in western societies as inferior, fragile and vulnerable. The modern approach explored in this paper takes a plural perspective in the conception of children as people who are able to think for themselves and who have the absolute right to participate in the affairs that affect them. This modern approach is related in this study to the free-rangers thesis, in which childhood is interpreted as a process of maturation and not as a stage of life, which is the conception linked to the traditional percepcion of childhood in the western societies. In the framework of formal education, this modern approach to childhood is related to Freire’s liberating education and the proposals for the school of philosophy with children in which philosophical practices are encouraged from an early age, thereby stimulating a much more active role for children in schools and giving their voice due recognition. So, this study highlights the importance of promoting liberating education in schools with the aim of making every effort to subvert the traditional roles of both teachers and pupils in formal education to give a more active role to children. In thi sense, this paper calls for the activity of philosophy whith children and encourages the idea of putting philosophy at the service of schools to give children’s voices greater value.

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sonia parís albert, Universitat Jaume I

Department of Philosophy and Sociology





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albert, sonia parís. (2018). putting philosophy to the service of schools to give children’s voices real value. Childhood & Philosophy, 14(30), 453–470. https://doi.org/10.12957/childphilo.2018.29859