the humanizing dialogue as careful expression


  • fernando bento Universidade de Évora/CIDEHUS



While building dialogic singularities widespread in the expression of joy and manifestation of care, it is important to note the necessary consistency between thought and action as the real game of affects that constitutes humanity. Thus, it is intended to clarify the position of Matthew Lipman in face of a significant re-birth of an ethics of the preferable as conducting a satisfaction that values reflective habit, about themselves, about the others and about the world, animates or inanimate, which means, human and nothuman, and, of a significant re-creation of an experience of a political living as defining a sense of community, a humanizing relationship, in other words, emotionally competent, founded in an attempt to re-build cooperatively a generous, educative and democratic society. There it is one of the major cornerstones of the Community of Inquiry, not just a community where the dialogic attitude helps to strengthen the sense of cooperation but also ruled by philosophy as a method and investigative content, which we name as a Dialogic Community of Philosophical Inquiry.



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bento, fernando. (2016). the humanizing dialogue as careful expression. Childhood & Philosophy, 12(24), 443–453.