situated relationship and philosophical praxis


  • anna maria carpentieri


Situated Relationship, Narrative Context, Near, Far, Meta-relational


The paper is about the connotations of the philosophical novel. It explores the question of whether and how the philosophical novel can become functional model for philosophical praxis. I argue that the philosophical novel is a tool for activating a relational process whereby the concept of “situated relationship” becomes clear and is enhanced in conjunction with the activation of philosophical praxis. A “situated relationship” is identified as a relational practice which is contextualized and exerted in and between thinking, language and action, within the framework of an educational process which becomes a dialogue-oriented research through relational networks. This form of thinking is not only Logos, but also Pathos and Ethos, inasmuch as the interconnection of thinking, language, meaning and behavior is made manifest, recognized and practiced in thinking and with thinking. By fostering awareness of the cognitive and affective dimensions, this form of thinking can extend such awareness to the relational dimension, interpersonal and intrapersonal, within a constant circular form of complementarity.




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