the childish or what will not develop, however creates


  • maria regina maciel Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Education at UERJ


infantil, psicoanálise, tempo, relação criança-adulto


The leading role of childhood has been highlighted today. With this aim, this article intends to assert it from the notion of "childish". This concept is understood here as that what does not develop, however creates. Our point of view can be sustained, mainly through psychoanalysis and its concepts of unconscious and death drive. In this sense, childhood is no longer regarded as the "other” of the adult, which often turned out to confuse it with immaturity in face of chronological timing. Childhood, on the contrary, is thought to be part of the psychic field which, in turn, leads to another notion of time. So, the “childish” connects to the body and language as conditions of possibility of a subjective history. Interestingly, in this case is the child within the adult who dreams and creates. Derrida's interpretation of Freud's texts, in which they can serve as a critique of logos and phonology, lead us to a subject of scripture. That is, it leads us to a system of relations between layers. Scripture evokes a thought of a trait which is marked by difference. This difference, in turn, relaunches the structure for its opening. Memory in this case would be a scripture that is marked by differential traits. The psychic system is outlined then in the joint between the excitement spread and the resistance which they encounter for discharge, without opposition between the record strength and the record of sense. The traits are inscribed in the psyche in the play between these records. The already existing files can be deleted by death drive allowing for new files can be entered. Thus, the repetition, essence of the play, reaches a positivity in that allows it to do it always anew. This paper therefore serves as a critique of the notion of linear and progressive time which evokes an idea of childhood as less if compared to the adult. The relationship between these moments of life is another. Moreover, the power of creation the "childish" is highlighted here.

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maria regina maciel, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Education at UERJ

Studies Childhood



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