conversation in the afternoon


  • rita afonso pedro Universidade Nova


It’s about a reflection resulting of the practice philosophy with children I had in about four years work, with kids and young people between 4 and 18 years old, immigrants and sons of immigrants from Cape Verde, in “Cova Moura” suburbs, being around Lisbon. One says that the habitants form this neighborhood form a community alike those there are in some places away the Islands and the geographic space in there makes as another Island between other suburbs of the city. Being different by one another due to the practice of Cap Verdean traditions during their daily life, along these values and practices related to the culture of Cap Verde exists several difficulties or economic or related to violence which can be caused by the traffic of drugs as well as the evasive way of police acting. There are many problems of social exclusion that affect the children and young. One of the main objectives in place has been to make more value of their origin culture and mother’s language, Kriol, another one was to, develop the reflection and question based in the context of exclusion. For that, it’s necessary to investigate children’s talking to make clear their context and to reinforce how important it is for them to have a space where they can think about their situation. Also to analyze problems related that comes with practice or the way that we should connect child´s experience and their philosophical questions and how important is for them to reflect upon their world, to develop their critical thinking about the world and also recognize the right inclusion. Therefore, beyond its psychological effects philosophy for children is different practice from psychology. Keywords: philosophy childhood; experience; exclusion; inscription.



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