Journal of Sedimentary Environments

Journal of Sedimentary Environments (JSE) is an open access online international journal that provides online publication of original research work, review and views in all areas related to Sedimentology and Environment and related subjects from all over the world. The JSE is being published by the Palaeontology and Stratigraphy Department of University of State of Rio de Janeiro with an objective to promote speedy publication of research work fulfilling the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. All articles published in JSE are rigorously peer-reviewed. The Journal is published four-annually (four numbers per year).

e-ISSN: 2447-9462 | Creation year: 2016 | Knowledge area: Geosciencies | Evaluated by CAPES Qualis for: Geosciences; Environmental Sciences; Anthropology/Archeology;  Engineers II; Geography; Urban and Regional Planning/Demography

Year 2017 Impact Factor: 2.19 (International Citation Index)

The whole process of submission and article evaluation is done electronically.

JSE offers the following advantages:
  • Variable-length articles, compatible with the interests of the subject and its needs;
  • Permanent online access to the full manuscripts and published data bases;
  • Color publication of photos and figures on the web version;
  • Online inclusion of additional material (data, color pictures, animations and maps);
  • Quick editing;
  • JSE doesn’t apply fees to submission and works publication;
  • Manuscripts for JSE can be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish or English but are only published in English.


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Vol 2, No 4 (2017): In Progress

Table of Contents

Research article

Maria Virginia Alves Martins, Egberto Pereira, Sérgio Bergamaschi, Denise Terroso, Paulo Miranda, Cintia Yamashita, José Carlos Martins Ramalho, Fabrizio Frontalini, Lazaro Laut, Fernando Rocha
Lina Liliana Osorio, Darlly Erika Silva dos Reis, René Rodrigues
174- 182
Maria Laura Misailidis, Nicolás Misailidis Strikis, Rubens Cesar Figueira, Renato Campello Cordeiro, Pedro Carlos Strikis, Leonardo Antonio Pregnolato, Wânia Duleba
Marcos da Silva Machado, Guilerme Loriato Potratz, Marcio Ignacio Alves, Bruna Saar Almeida, Mauro Cesar Geraldes, Armando Dias Tavares Jr, Alexis Rosa Nummer, Camila Nogueira Cardoso, Anderson da Costa Santos