Convocatória: Call for papers for the Social History of Psychology Dossier

The journal Estudos e Pesquisas em Psicologia, from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), classified as A2 in Qualis-CAPES (Brazil), whose electronic ISSN is 2175-1390, opens a call for papers to a thematic number, which will be a Dossier on Social History of Psychology.

The Dossier will be nº 4 of volume 18 (end of 2018), with publication expected in March 2019, containing 15 to 20 articles.

For this thematic number, it are expected articles that historicize the psychology in an articulated way to themes and social issues, indicating the consequences for knowledge psi (psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis) and the subjects that are produced in them.

The invited editors, namely, Ana Maria Jacó-Vilela, Dayse de Marie Oliveira, Filipe Degani-Carneiro and Maira Allucham Goulart Naves Trevisan Vasconcellos are members of the Laboratory of History and Memory of Psychology - Clio-Psyché, UERJ, and members of the Working Group on Social History of Psychology of the National Association of Research and Graduate Studies in Psychology (Anpepp), of Brazil.

We invite all researchers in the history of psi knowledge to submit articles for this thematic number. Papers will be accepted in Portuguese, Spanish or English, in APA style and with a maximum of 25 pages. For other guidelines see:

The paper submission deadline is November 10, 2018. Manuscripts should be addressed to the Dossier Section, at:

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Best wishes,

Ana Maria Jacó-Vilela
Dayse de Marie de Oliveira
Filipe Degani-Carneiro
Maira Allucham Goulart Naves Trevisan Vasconcellos