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Introduction: The transformations in the rural space, in the rural landscapes, result from the growing urbanization and the proliferation of non-agricultural activities in the rural environment. The rural space increasingly houses non-agricultural activities that value areas with natural aspects and that refer to the changes taking place in the field, which, in addition to being the place of agricultural production, is transformed into a space, in which innumerable non-agricultural activities are carried out, configuring a hybrid between the rural and the urban. Objective: to understand the rural landscape resulting from the practice of family farming in the state of Rio de Janeiro, as well as to analyze the transformations in the rural landscape due to the growing urbanization and the proliferation of non-agricultural activities in the rural environment. Results: It appears that, in Rio de Janeiro, the transformations in the rural space and its landscapes, such as the practice of rural tourism and the dissemination of non-agricultural jobs, are associated with the intense urbanization process that can be presented in a with five axes, which are present in more densely populated areas and basically correspond to landscapes associated with mountain and coastal areas. Conclusion: the rural space of Rio de Janeiro is transformed due to the enhancement of its natural aspects, its landscapes, and the maintenance of family agricultural production becomes important for the dissemination of the image of the rural and natural space, and the strength of its agriculture is found in its diversity of production. this productive diversity reinforces the diverse rural landscapes found in the state of Rio de Janeiro.


Rural space, Rural Landscape, Rio de Janeiro, Family Farming.

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