children and questions of meaning through adults' representation. on the image of philosopher child


  • anastasia de vita


ecec services, representations of childhood, philosopher child


This article regards a particular way through which adults take children into consideration and listen their voices. Reflections have sprung from a research context, focused on existential questions that children pose during their preschool years in early education settings. The research explored the meanings of these questions for children and adults involved in their education. The questions of meaning emerged by children’s discourses are considered through the representations of childhood that subtend parents and teachers’ educational practices. The article discusses one of these representations, that of philosopher child, with regard on his various internal perspectives. Lipman, Kyle, Martens and Matthews are some of the authors taken into consideration in order to examine briefly some traditional approaches of doing philosophy with children and to understand the practices that teachers operate everyday in early childhood education and care services.

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anastasia de vita

Dottore di Ricerca in Scienze Umane, Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca



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