philosophy and its helpers. report of experience as an essay

romina claudia magallanes


The present work proposes a course through the concepts of "childhood", "becoming" and "helpers" concepts as they are thought by W. Benjamin, G. Deleuze and G. Agamben and articulate them with experiences taken in diverse Philosophical communities of a School in Argentina, Joan Miró, in Funes, Santa Fe. Children's philosophy in the College Joan Miró tries and is encouraged to Reign. In bringing the unfulfilled to its possibility, in thinking the unforgettable forgetfulness of our existences, of philosophy, its philosophers, its vicissitudes, every day, every knowledge, every word, every thing. n an introductory first moment, the difference between "experience" and "story" is marked, then the work goes into the concepts of "helpers" and "kingdom" from the events in which they take place in Benjamin's work and in the Agambem categorizations. Before finally devoting ourselves to the experience of the aforementioned concepts that it is our purpose to expose, the article makes a passage through the concepts of childhood and becoming as understood by Deleuze and Gagnebin. I choose the form of the Essay, which crosses the experience, almost, trying not to separate from it, by objectifying it. Rather, experience themselves writing the one that has taken place and exposes themselves, again, in an indefinite, intermediate time, which unfolds even in his reading, and thus, forms part of the event.



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