Convocatória: Call for papers for the Gestalt Dossier

The Journal Estudos e Pesquisas em Psicologia, from Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), classified as A2 in Qualis-CAPES (Brazil), whose electronic ISSN is 2175-1390, opens a call for articles to a Thematic Number referenced in the Gestalt approach named “Care and gestaltic practices - contemporary reflections”.

The Dossier will be number 4 in volume 19, containing 15 to 20 articles. For this thematic number are expected articles dealing with the connections of gestalt therapy with care, through the multiple possibilities in which it presents itself in practices inspired or based on the Gestalt approach. In times of transition, technological domination and theorizations that keep us away from a living experience, it is necessary to discuss the forms and potentialities of care in our practices, be it in clinical practice, research, social actions, finally, in the most diverse fields where our work is configured. In bringing such a relevant theme, we seek to open a space for discussion that can promote and expand the construction of knowledge in this area of activity.

The editors for this issue are Laura Cristina de Toledo Quadros (UERJ), Eleonôra Torres Prestrelo (UERJ), Luciana Bicalho Cavanellas (FIOCRUZ) and Luciana Loyola Madeira Soares (UCL), coordinators, member and collaborator respectively of the Extension Program) "Laboratório Gestáltico: Configurações e práticas contemporâneas".

We invite all researchers involved with the gestaltic approach and related areas to submit articles for this thematic number. We will accept texts in Portuguese, Spanish or English, with APA 6th Edition and maximum 25 standard pages. The other guidelines are at

The submission must be made by September 10, 2019 for the Section Dossier at