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Drilling with hard diamond wire:

Specially used for large objects, irregular shape of the object, or for sudden working in confined space or special working environment (underwater).

This is more efficient, more accurate, and makes less noise than other know-how.

Ensure no impact on the surrounding environment.

We would like to introduce to you the techniques of concrete cutting and drilling.

Use diamond drills

If using this technique, you can drill fresh concrete with a thickness of 1000mm.

Diamond drill bits can be used to cut concrete for floors, walls and especially it can create grooves.


This method is highly effective, minimizes noise with very little dust, and especially without vibration.

Cutting with diamond blade:

- For extremely high precision, smooth sections.

- Obtaining very neat and beautiful angles.

Cases where this method is used:

- Specializing in drilling to open doors, create separate paths and install ventilation systems.

- Specialized for cutting floors, workshops and cutting walls.

- Specializing in cutting asphalt, concrete roads.

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Use hard diamond wire to drill concrete

- Specialized for large objects, uneven shape, its working environment is often used in tight spaces and underwater.


This method is usually more effective than the other methods, the accuracy is higher, the noise is minimized compared to other methods.

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Use cases for this method:

- Especially applied to the volume of concrete with extremely large size.

- Apply for concrete blocks with uneven size and shape.

- Because this drill is small, it is suitable for tight spaces.

- Breaking and dismantling viaducts or overhead bridges.