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An Alabama father-of-six has been paralyzed and is fighting for his life after he picked up a deadly snake, thinking it was harmless

por Rosie Paramor (2022-05-05)

An Alabama father-of-six has been paralyzed and is fighting for his life after he picked up a deadly snake, thinking it was harmless. 

Jeffrey Phillips was trying to catch what he thought was a milk snake for his brother when it bit him, and caused devastating injuries.

The reptile was actually a coral snake, which has the same color and similar markings to a milk snake, but are actually the deadliest in the country. 

He was rushed to Anderson Hospital in Meridian, Mississippi, and antivenom was flown in to try and save his life, but the time delay meant the coral snake's poison had already done a lot of damage. 

Jeffrey Phillips was left paralyzed after he mistook a deadly coral snake free coloring pages for adults a harmless milk snake 

He tried to pick the snake up for his brother, who used to own reptiles, and was bitten and rushed to hospital

'The snake bite has damaged his vision and he has become paralyzed,' a set up for the family's medical expenses said. 

'Due to the fact he did not receive the antivenom promptly it has caused many neurological problems.

It should have been administered within the first 4-6 hours but he didn't receive it until approximately 40 hours past the bite. 

'He is still very sick and still in the Intensive Care Unit and could remain for a few more weeks.

He will then need extensive physical therapy to learn how to walk, eat, write and all other every day activities.'


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Phillips and his fiance Angela Patrick, who have six children between them, were due to marry in August. The wedding has had to be postponed so he can recover. 

The family have no medical insurance, and paying for what will be a long and difficult road to recovery is a looming worry, but Phillips' mother Judy Kell told she is just happy to see her son breathing. 

'I've had my breakdowns, you know trying to hold it together.

It's scary knowing that my son could die,' she said. 

'We still don't know [what condition Phillips will be in] yet. They're still running different tests and he hopefully will regain some of his use. We just really don't know. 

'He's going to have to learn how to walk, dress himself, eat, and brush his teeth and everything.' 

Phillips was engaged to be married in August to Angela Patrick (pictured) but the wedding will need to be postponed

The couple have six children between them and no medical insurance, so are fundraising for Phillips' medical costs

Ms Patrick said she was devastated to see her fiance in such poor condition, but felt comforted by the outpouring of community support.

'Seeing you lying there like this has broken my heart in two,' she wrote in an emotional post on Facebook.

'You are loved by so many, all of the calls, texts and visitors - most importantly the prayers have really meant a lot to us all.

'I'm so ready to see that little grin of yours again, you are my best friend.

I need you to get better, I can't imagine life without you in it.'