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Paulina Porizkova proudly shows of bikini photo while slamming troll

por Brandy Rasch (2022-05-01)

Supermodel Paulina Porizkova proudly showed off her toned figure in a bikini while hitting back at a troll who branded her 'old and ugly' because she regularly flaunts her body in swimwear photos online.

The 57-year-old shared a throwback snap of herself wearing a beige string bikini on Friday morning to combat 'ageist shaming,' telling her followers that people get 'more beautiful with age.'

In the image, which was taken in Costa Rica last summer, she is posed by the pool mid-laughter as her hair flowed in the wind. Right beside the stunning picture, she shared a comment from a troll who claimed her looks 'fell from a great height.' 

'You must be in so much pain to keep posting bikini pictures at your age,' the person wrote.

'I've always thought that getting old and ugly is hardest on the pretty people. The fall from grace is so much farther when you were beautiful.' 

Supermodel Paulina Porizkova shared a bikini photo on Friday morning in order to shut down one of her critics who slammed her for showing off her figure

The model's critic claimed that she had a 'fall from grace' and has become 'old and ugly'

The stranger then offered some patronizing empathy, adding, 'I pray you can come to terms with your mortality.

We all get old and just had to fall from a greater height than the rest of us.' 

In the caption of her post, Paulina noted that comments like this are far and few between for flirt her.

She has observed that these haters feel like 'a woman of 57 is "too old" to pose in a bikini - no matter what she looks like.

Because "Old" is "Ugly."'

'I get comments like these every time I post a photo of my body,' she wrote. 

'This is the ageist shaming that sets my teeth on edge. Older men are distinguished, older women are ugly.'


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Paulina shared, 'I get comments like these every time I post a photo of my body' but she doesn't 'need sympathy'

The 57-year-old believes that 'we get more beautiful with age,' making these comments just hours after she attended a rag & bone event Thursday evening

Paulina claimed that people should be 'proud of aging' the day after celebrating rag & bone's spring collection

The former America's Next Top Model judge then shared her belief that 'people who believe prettiness equals beauty do not understand beauty.'

Rather, she feels that 'we get more beautiful with age.

We have earned our beauty, we understand what it is, and we can see it so much better.' 

'There is no such thing as ugly and old. Only shortsighted and ignorant,' she continued.

She also added a disclaimer that she wasn't asking for people to feel bad for her when she shared the cruel comment.

She concluded: 'I'm not posting this because I feel bad and need sympathy- quite on the contrary!

I'm posting this because this is a pervasive sentiment that needs to be done away with. So we can be proud of aging, as we deserve to be!'

She had previously shared the same image on Instagram in July 2021 and wrote a very similar message. 

'Combat age.

Reverse aging. Rejuvenate. Anti age. None of this is possible,' she wrote in the caption.

She added: 'I do not want to fight myself everyday for the rest of my life. But I do want to make the best of what I was given.'