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How To Get Free Halloween Hats & Skins In Among Us Now

por Sommer Scherf (2020-11-08)

If it nonetheless doesn’t work, simply exit and restart, and try again till it appears. Sometimes it is a little finicky — and ensure Automatic Clock Settings are turned off on your phone / PC. Now, click the "Set date and time manually" change button and Among Us gifts change the month, day, and year to December 25, 2018. Click on the "on" switch under "Set time mechanically" to show this option off.

Players are distinguished by color, but additionally they have the choice of customizing their astronauts with quite a lot of completely different hats and outfits. Also, you possibly can entry the Among Us gifts Us Christmas hats on the cell version of the sport. All you have to do is observe the identical steps, but on your mobile system.

On the cellular version of the sport, several hats are free and automatically owned by the player. These cosmetics are available as a combination of free items included in the base game, purchasable add-ons, or event exclusives that unlock at numerous times of the 12 months, corresponding to particular holidays.

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