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Fighting Off Gangs Of Theft With Jewelry

por Stuart Chave (2021-06-26)

While most robbers wear masks to blend in with the environment and remain unseen, some bands of jewelers have been known to employ a number of ring robbers. Usually, they strike at night when there is nobody around to notice them. The ring robbers get into the jewelries first and then make their escape after stealing the money or jewelry from the owners. However, some of these bandit riders also do hit a few jewels during the course of the robbery.

There are some jewelries which can easily fool the eyes of the untrained eye and are sold with high prices as knockoffs. This includes engagement rings, diamond rings and other beautiful jewelries. It is a well-known fact that many women fall for the charms of men wearing very expensive jewelries. The men pretend to be rich and influential so as to attract the women. However, some of these jewelries are fakes and jewelers know this very well.

One type of jewelry used by ring bandits is fake diamonds. The criminals usually cut these stones in a way to make them look larger than they really are. They can also be cut into thin layers to give the illusion of more diamonds. The fake diamonds are made of real diamonds but are given a shiny coat of paint to make them look more appealing. As the owner of such a jewelery, you will never know that there are in fact two hands working on the fake piece. A trained eye will not notice any difference between the real and the fake piece.

In addition, some thieves also wear jewelry as part of their uniforms. Such jewelery can include earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Jewelries which can be worn like a bracelet, necklace or a ring are called gang jewelry.

Bandit thieves often hide their identity behind a mask. They have elaborate make up to resemble a law enforcement officer or a soldier. Some of them also use wigs, hair weaves and beards in order to completely hide their identity. In order to make themselves even more convincing, some bandit thieves even use different colors as part of their make up.

Most burglars carry jewelery when they rob homes. It is important to keep an eye out for any jewelry or accessories which have been taken from your home. This includes watches, cuff links, chains, earrings and any other jewelry which can be removed from its place of origin. If you catch a bandit in the act of taking your jewelry, you should call the police immediately.

You can also recover your losses and money from the bandit thieves if you can successfully link their ring to the ring they removed from your finger. With the help of a jeweler, you can determine if your ring was taken from your finger through forensic investigation. Even if your ring cannot be proved as being stolen property by means of a forensic examination, it can still serve as proof that you are somehow linked to the bandit thieves in one way or another.

To prevent being a victim of ring bandits, you should never leave your home without having your jewelry with you. Even if you are going on vacation, you should bring your ring along to ensure your safety. If your home security system fails to work, you could call the local authorities. These thieves target vulnerable people who do not have the means to fight back. If you are armed with your precious jewelry, there is little chance that you will be caught off guard.