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Kindness, trust and dedication

por Candice Burkholder (2021-05-02)

'But we will simply take
Try to understand 1 another
Throw bridges to each other
And cultivate gardens together,
To experience a place to live and 123movies dream ...'- song'Bridges ', group'Plan Lomonosov'©

It has been about 6 hours after watching this cartoon, but I'm still impressed. Somehow imperceptibly to me these times the finish credits came. It so happened that I fell crazy about the tape almost from the first frames. Either I had been inside of a good mood, or maybe the story hit directly on target ... Most probably, both conditions were met.

Plot. Fearless warrior Raya could be the keeper from the magic stone that protects the inhabitants of the country of Kumandra on the terrible monsters of your Druun. However , Kumandra has been split into 5 territories, as both versions is ruled by its very own leader. Individuals of your other four clans envy the'Heart'(this is the actual land the place that the stone is located), given that they consider this to be area of the kingdom the richest and quite a few prosperous ...

The tale is well worked out. Each seemingly insignificant episode moves the story forward so it helps the viewer navigate any unfamiliar to him. The authors gradually introduce new characters that become truly familiar. I never considered myself a sentimental person, but unusual cute creatures and soulful dialogues had the ability to move me several times. The ending of the photo may look overly embellished, but here it is important never to forget the fact that orientation is primarily created for children.

Atmosphere. Colossal work is done in this direction. The creators not merely invented a complex thoughtful world inhabited by different peoples and extraordinary creatures, and also told an amusing background rules by which this magical country lives. Gorgeous animation, colorful graphics and increased focus to detail can impress even the most fastidious person.

Humor. It is not likely you will laugh soon you drop, although the cartoon boasts at the very least a handful of funny moments. The scene of Raya's selecting the dragon and also the episode in which the main character is astonished at the tips for the child-cheater can certainly cheer you up.

Music. I have to thank the wonderful composer James Newton Howard for fantastic assist music. It is difficult to single out any track, just about all beautiful. Let it be'Running on Raindrops '. Eventually credits I truly liked the song'Lead the Way'(Dzheney Aiko).

Bottom line. The cartoon carries a huge amount of wise thoughts, that every viewer should think about. The feed touches on topical adult topics, but at the same time ensures they are understandable and available to children. I strongly suggest that you get to know this cartoon, which probably will fascinate both adults and children.

9 outside of 10

(90%),'Within the inland northwest impossible things on earth, it is far more difficult for taking the first thing ...'

P.S. The 200th positive review again fell on the animation masterpiece (as well since the 100th). Honestly, I did not think etc purpose.