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Step back

por Valerie Hite (2021-05-02)

The storyplot originates in the original analogue of China, which survived the invasion of an certain magical substance that turns all life into stone. In this particular unequal struggle, the dragons were the only hope. They enclosed their ability inside of a sphere which could drive these creatures away, they themselves ventured into stone. After 500 years, people were split up into five tribes. At least one became the keeper from the sphere. But scattered peoples could not tolerate this, wanting to acquire it too. The rebellion caused the sphere to separate, freeing the demons outward. Now the young warrior Raya needs to uncover the last dragon and save people.

The cartoon evokes ambiguous feelings. On the other hand, incredible redness and magic of the east. In contrast, the insipid main character and chaotic plot, which chooses the laziest way to introduce the viewer on the world. And it is a sea of ​​exposure. The very first 20 minutes simply bombard you with the lore of the universe, each dialogue in one method or another explains one as well as other aspect of the story. Only afterwards of the 1st act, the storyplot sets out to breathe deeply, freed from the call to explain everything.

In reality, this is usually a very simple and easy and told many times story of collecting components of a magical artifact that will actually fix everything. The heroine carries a bitter enemy, a set of eccentric assistants, my wife an adorable animal. Each of the elements are familiar for the viewer, so there is nothing to surprise with, except an unexpectedly strong ending.

Great visuals nowadays were standard for large-scale projects, especially Disney. Working together with light, physics and elaboration of details is aerobatics. The earth is realized brightly, and skillfully delineates tribes and territories.

But concurrently, it is safe and ideal for any movie viewer, 123movie the figures of your heroes will be successful with children, unobtrusive humor will not offend anyone, it can press on the necessary emotional points and for the right moment will confirm when you can cry. A pure and uncompromising studio product, behind which there is absolutely no soul, everything suits already worked out templates which can be rearranged, changed the backdrop and also you will get a new film.

There is absolutely no ideological conflict, as a result a drama, everything lies at first glance, everything that you desire might be said and over once, so they won't be forgotten. "Raye" simply is not to inform the viewer, the cartoon does not inquire, the heroine isn't confronted by moral dilemmas, a fairly easy quest that focuses only for the visual.

As a cute and entertaining product, the cartoon does its job. But my problem, for a viewer, is at my expectations: a desire to discover a robust female character, topics that might be useful to both children as well as an adult, that once the end of the viewing, something will always be with you.

But if you have the key for passage that you need to trust people and all this depends upon this, you already know that history is not definitely worth the scale that may be invested in it and ambitions accomplish not justify themselves. This project is a transparent indicator that Disney needs to a target pushing boundaries rather then back in proven formulas.