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Heavy Scandinavian humor

por Florene Boler (2021-04-06)

For the query'Scandinavian humor'Yandex, such as, allocates only 4 absolutely matching links. One of these is complete nonsense, the next results in a overview of Erlend Lou's literary creation, 123movies which really has quite adequate humor - Volvo Trucks, your third - on the entry in LiveJournal using the wording'heavyweight Scandinavian humor ', your fourth into a certain forum to the topic'Norman theory and Scandinavian humor ', and Some see anything about humor directly. The image is symptomatic, right?

Simply speaking, in case the descendants from the Vikings have humor, it is very peculiar. Not necessarily the Russian folk "three ha-ha" but not including the idiotic Bin from Foggy Albion, very understandable and near to the Russian soul.

Now, we should remember the reality that the characters will humor in'The Most Important Boss'on the suggestion and beneath the strict guidance from the well-known many-something-fob Lars Trier, the carrier of the proudly attached prefix'von ', which in is funny if have a sense of ​​some facts with regards to the director's biography and the previous film works.

However, Trier, famous for his unbridled film innovation, having filmed films off imaginable and inconceivable genres, applying mystical legends in hospital interiors, ending with social drama against the setting on the black backdrop, complacently and naturally transferred his efforts for the comedy genre, as a common virgin soil, hitherto remaining unplowed. However, many viewers, checking out the "fresh" Trier, will understand they have no a sense of humor. And the Dane has not got it. "Which can be very likely," we say to them in consolation.

The plot is easy: the director on the certain mid-range IT company hires an unemployed actor to effectively and convincingly portray the "most vital boss" as the name indicated, who does not happens to nature, who has come towards Danish kingdom to check on his own company, for an average fee. Everything.

Sixty minutes and forty minutes of screen time "the leading boss" climbs into funny troubles of your boltological nature, moving into conflicts and about close relations with work employees (6 "old people" with respect for gender balance), having an ex-girlfriend, having an Icelander, with a manager ... Four times this author himself intervenes in the events, while using confident voice in the creator "exposing" the comedy for the viewer, voicing and illustrating the laws of the genre's existence.

On the whole, the humor in "The Most Important Boss" should be WANTED to see. I needed to, and it turned out funny to me. Not all the time, she didn't tear her tummies, but you'll find more than sufficient truly funny situations. And the typical atmosphere of an original absurdity is quite successfully held by the photo, whose originality is due, apparently, to ab muscles Automavision, invented by Trier, because no living and healthy operator would dare to shoot like that. Often during the frame you will find a doorway, then your working computer monitor, then only half in the character's face, uttering remarks. Feeling that your camera lives its own life, in spite of the characters. And re-decorating funny.

To convey that the photo is minimalistic would be to say nothing! In "Boss" we come across some sort of hi-tech in the cinema: white smooth walls, office furniture - completely straight lines and standard colors, office equipment, judging with the disposition in the frame, playing the title role, faces and figures of characters.

It you can see by using this sort of ascetic plot and scenery, the audience's interest automatically shifts towards the characters inside film and what it is said (to a smaller extent, what they're doing). To "keep" the eye and attention of the public, you have to PLAY! And are generally playing.

One cannot but praise, obviously, Jens Albinus, whose surprisingly stupid and touching face, "The key boss" owes a large number of his success. The roles of losers and bungler look fantastic while in the performance of just such guys, causing sympathy and slight annoyance at exactly the same time.

A fascinating fact may be the presence in the casting with the director from the heavyweight, affectionately accepted during the time "Angels from the Universe", the Icelander Fridrik Thor Fridriksson from the role of an organization partner, in addition to a potential buyer of this whole office, completely indefatigable and uncontrollable, damn HOT (huh) and intensely undiplomatic Icelandic uncle Finnur. The role is small, but very striking.

Of the women, perhaps, I have to praise the "real blonde" Iben Yail, who will be still remembered by me for that role with the hysterical Scandinavian girlfriend of the character John Cusack in Stephen Frears'"High Fidelity", as well as a good game in "Dogme-95" No. 3 - "Mifune's Last Song" ... Excellent madama. P-ara can be where she required to - would have settled in Hollywood with scores of royalties.

In lieu of conclusions.

The film is funny and original, but not without a good volume of boredom. On the comedy, pure water seriously isn't drawn, but quite watchable, or even at 2 am. I would not recommend it to everyone and everybody, but fans of Trier's antics will, I believe, be satisfied. As, however, and connoisseurs of oh-oh-very subtle, barely noticeable humor. Anyone who wants to fuss and pay attention to how cinematic geniuses undertake it - you are welcome! That way.