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por Jason Lui (2022-07-03) Reviews.
One thing they do is skimp you your money . When you’re winning trades all of a sudden there is some type of spread that come in to play . I had 4 trades opened for boom and they said 7.45 each . That’s 29.80 . My total at the top some how said 10.45 .they are a manipulative even when you win .
Quotex is a best trading platform for free.
Quotex is a best trading platform fast deposit and fast withdrawal u should use it.
Please stay away from this platform…
Please stay away from this platform otherwise you always loose your money because i am also wasted my around 7000 dollars.
Ask for a refund via…
Ask for a refund via right away before they make you the saddest man/woman on earth.
My best advice is to stay away.
My best advice is to stay away. I have never come across a platform that will hold people's money against their will, The deposit phase was the only smooth experience I had with them others especially withdrawal was a very bad experience, I had to explain my plight to Mckinseysecure a company I was introduced to and I am glad they were able to get it all.
I have withdrawn my money two weeks…
I have withdrawn my money two weeks ago, still they haven't transferred it. They keep telling me that they are processing it. For binary options two weeks. Nothing is being done about it. I keep talking to their agents but they say they can't do anything. I traded hard for that money but they are giving me excuses.
they force you to trade in gambling…
they force you to trade in gambling indexes every time you try to trade they say (No further trading is allowed on this contract type for the current trading session.)
Keep away this fraud site!
2021/12/10 & 2021/12/22, I opened 2 contracts which will win if gold price is higher, contract expried at 2021/12/31 but my profit money never come. I have raise a ticket and they canceled my contracts. They told me that they have sent me an email not to trade in holiday and that's why I got no profit. This is fraud, Binary option do not try!
They don't Let You Place trade as All the Times Errors will appear in Currency Pairs.
Withdraw is Good and trusted of or no Doubts. But Nowadays They aren't Allowing to place trade in any Currency Pairs and have wrote, No further trading is allowed in this session. This error comes all times morning, noon and evening and Night too.. Trades placing is done in Demo account but In real here is same error on All Pairs whichever you want to trade. I GAVE VERY POSITIVE REVIEW AND THEY SENT ME THANKS TOO, BUT I VHAT WIH SUPPORT THEY SAID INTERNAL RISK MANAGEMENT IS OUR OWN SO CLEARLY THEY WANT TO YO GAMBLE IN VOLATILITY IR Synthetic Assets and Not make Money in Currency Trading. If You can Make Money, They will give Withdraw I am again saying this, but Only If You can and You will not as whenever you want to enter in a trade in Binary Options in Currency Pairs, You will get an error in return. I am waiting for some days as My Friends are too, then we all about 300-400 People will shift to other platform if this same happens. I liked a lot and Binary option may still will Once they allow us to trade in Currency Pairs.
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Updated 3 days ago.
We regret to note this. Our team has reached out to you via email for more information, however, we did not receive any replies from your end to resolve the above matter.
We would love to sort this out and we hope for your cooperation in return.
Please feel free to reach out to our customer support team via LiveChat, and we’ll work with you to resolve the issue as soon as possible. is about the best in the industry.
I've held an account with since 2012, 9 years and counting, when they were betonmarkets. I would say my experience is 90% positive; of course there's always room for improvement. But truth be told is about the best options trading platform around: 1. Withdrawal is fast, efficient and consistent. The highest amount I have withdrawn, which is profit, Binary option is USD114,500 way back in 2014. Not once have they ever failed me on withdrawals. 2. Customer service is always prompt and courteous. 3. They take feedback from customers very seriously. I was once gifted $30 for granting them permission to video call me and share my experience. 4. The Education and trading resources that they make available is top notch. Finally I would advise traders to acquire sufficient trading skills and knowledge before venturing, a lot of some of the negative reviews being bandied around are based on customers' errors, mistakes, negligence and naivety during trading.
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This review made our day!
Thanks for sharing your experience with us and binary options the community about our platforms and services. Your review means a lot to us and reaffirms the hard work we put in every day.
We’re very grateful for customers like you, and we look forward to seeing you again.
This is the Trusted site to work for…
This is the Trusted site to work for anyone who likes to earn Via online. Live long . all the best.
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Thank you so much for your kind words!
We really appreciate you taking the time out to write us a review and we are glad that you had a positive experience with us.
We are grateful for customers like you and hope you stick with us for years to come!
Though I had a very sour experience…
Though I had a very sour experience with them that led to closing my account without any reason, I think this is one of the best trading platforms in the industry. My Story is a weird one and I can’t figure it out until now, and my only take is that this could be a personal grudge by one of the live chat people whom I complained about.
Despite having invested thousands of dollars and limitless hours learning on their portal, they restricted my account for no apparent reason more than 3 weeks ago. I had to go into numerous rounds of emails with their live-chat back and forth for more than 2 weeks trying to resolve this with them and no luck, so I withdrew all my funds, but then I filed a complaint with the complaints department which was answered by reactivating the account within 2 days. So I redeposited some funds back to start trading again, only to be dumbfounded again after only 24 hours that they decided to close the account again. I guess that some people behind the live-chat can take communications with them or complaints against them rather personally, and may give you hell without anyone bothering about it.
But when it comes to funds withdrawals, one has to be fair, they are very efficient and it usually takes no more than 72 hours for the funds to be in your account.
Because I can’t find a better broker than them, I still hope they reactivate my account or at least give me a real explanation as to why they decided to end the business relationship other than the rights declared in their terms and conditions that they have the right to close any client’s account.
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Thank you for posting a review, and we’re sorry to hear that your account was restricted.
We would like to inform you, that we will investigate your issue further and our team will reach out to you by email for more information.